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Posted by Castilo on June 26, 2011 at 5:58 AM

Yes yes, i finally did it, i finally took the plunge into blogging. Now i know what your thinking "He's insane, next thing he'll be dancing down the street in nothing but a mankini to the musical timeings of grease" but no! i am actually sane (well, im still waiting on the piece of paper to prove it)

But yes, i have taken the plunge, its something i have wanted to do for a long time but have never felt i could commit to it. With me having a long summer between uni, and looking for a job, i have decided to dedicate my free time to this. the second reason is finally having the balls to present my views to the public where more than likely people will tear me apart and spit me back out again.

Ok, so i guess i will start with a brief introduction, those of you who know me already first off im shocked that your here, and secondly you can skip ahead if you wish.

My name is Castilo, i am a blood elf priest on the Burning stepes server (EU) on World of warcraft. i have been an avid wow player since pretty much early beta. I was origenally a mighty Night elf warrior on the Lightbringer server, where i took part in a very high end guild which was very much "hardcore raiding". This all changed during the end of vanilla and the very start of TBC when i agreed to reroll with some of my IRL friends. the reason for this really was for a new start for us all (in reality the all buggered off and left me on my own again and i thaught bollocks to this, im staying here now). During TBC my raiding was very much mixed. I spent a long time in very new and inexperienced guilds that struggled with even the most basic raids, However i was eventually lucky enough to get a spot in adauctus (who were one of the best guilds on the server at the time). i very much enjoyed me time there taking on some of the most difficult encounters that burning crusade had to offer. Eventually however i felt myself starting to loose interest, yes i enjoy hardcore raiding, its a real buzz to be around players that are truly amazing, However the raid situations become very tense and it starts to make you loose interest over time. Around this time i got chatting to an old friend in wow who was setting up a new style of guild. a guild where we had both good raiding, but yet a casual outlook on the game. I joined up with them and it is in that guild that i met most of the founding members of my current guild today. Towards the end of tbc and the start of Wrath, this guild for various reasons that i will not go into fel apart, and the guild i am currently in today (Darkened) was formed.

Over this period of time i learned a very important lesson about what i wanted from wow. Yes i could be in a top guild, yes i could be aiming for server firsts, However i value sometihng more than that. Loyalty and friendship. The two things my guild offers in ample ammounts. We are not the best, However i go into raids and spend 4 hours amongst friends enjoying myself. That is what really matters.

So, the life story is out of the way, i suppose i better present my intentions to you (that sounds familiar, except last time im sure there was a judge and jury)

My aims are to produce these blogs roughly once a week, depending on the interest i recieve. my blogs will generally be about wow, things such as news, and i may even do some class related things with the classes i play (or should i say the ones i actually know enough about to make a reasonable sized blog and not something that fits on a postcard). i may also do some offtopic blogs about the other games i play. For those of you that don't know i am a Starcraft II noob.

My final piece is a big shout out and a thank you to a very good friend of mine. Although he doesn't know it, he is part of my inspiration to want to start a blog of my own. His own blog is a witty fast paced work of art in all things wow and mage related. His name is Runzwithfire, and if you get chanse check out . yes yes yes i know free advertising but the guy deserves it, and its nothing to do with the 20 he slipped me earlier.

Well, i think that about covers it, stick around if you like what you see, i will aim to get the blog up and running as soon as i figure out this website. There should hopefully be a comments section so let me know what you think.

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Reply Shanatan
6:28 AM on June 26, 2011 
Looks good dude!
Reply Anonymous
7:04 AM on June 26, 2011 
add moar porn, Carl!